Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to fix broken glasses

Anyone who has owned glasses has known the struggle. Whether it's you, or your spouse, or your child, or even a friend, one way or another I bet you have experienced the "oh shit" moment of someone breaking your glasses. Now there are 2 major types of breaks in glasses, and both are kind of a big pain in the butt. As someone who has always struggled with the costly expense of having to obtain a new pair of spectacles, you better believe I've gotten crafty.
Now the first break (which I don't have a picture of because thankfully my current pair weren't broken that way) and most irritating, is the Harry Potter break: Straight down the center, all hope is lost, your $200 frames are totaled, but fret not! There is a solution! My mom showed me this trick multiple times growing up because she simply could not afford to get her 12 year old another pair of glasses. 
  1. Bring your broken specs with you, you'll need exact measurements and visual confirmation. 
  2. Go to your local handy dandy dollar store! 
  3. Find the discounted sunglasses or reading glasses rack
  4. find and purchase the pair that most resembles the shape and curve of your lenses (not the frames, but the lenses themselves)
  5. pop out both lenses
  6. gently file around the edge of your prescription lenses
  7. apply thin layer of super glue to edges
  8. pop lenses in new frames, voilĂ ! Good as new!*
*now these frames will not be as strong, but they'll work until you can afford a new pair!

Now for the other hopeless break: The broken hinge

Once a get, even though it seems like it, not all hope is lost! You will need a small screwdriver, $2, alcohol swabs* and a dollar store
  1. Bring broken frames into the $ store (along with your $2)
  2. carefully examine each pair of glasses
  3.  find the pair that have sides that most resemble your broken pair and purchase
  4. when you get home carefully unscrew both pairs of glasses (do not lose the screws!)
  5. clean edges with alcohol swab *
  6. align new hinges and carefully screw in
  7. VoilĂ ! Good as new glasses at the complete price of $2

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