Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home made alka seltzer

One of the lovely symptoms of eating something my body can't digest is the disgusting,  painful,  acid filled "icky burps" I call them icky because well, it feels and tastes as though I have consumed about 2 dozen rotten eggs and all the acid in my stomach is trying to expel it through my throat.  (Lovely I know) now that I've explained to you in detail the pain I suffer, maybe you can understand a bit better why I avoid food I'm allergic to. You see is not just the hives,  eczema, heart palpations, possible anaphylaxis,  throat swelling,  vertigo,  diarrhea,  or indigestion,  it's also the little things that cause pain,  like the migraines,  the icky burps,  the constant nausea,  it's not pleasant so I try my hardest to avoid it.  My husband,  however,  loves to eat stuff I'm allergic to (which I don't blame him,  I'm practically allergic to everything) for example: the other night he ate a very delicious looking cheesy omelet with onions and spinach,  it smelled heavenly. About an hour after he ate it we had some "alone time" and things got a bit heated.  Neither of us thought of him brushing his teeth before kissing me,  but the night ended in a very itchy throat,  2 benedryls, a stomach ache that would not go away, and icky burps that have lasted for 2 days.  Now,  the only medication I can safely consume is my prescription strength Benedryl ( for obvious reasons) but one of the best things to get rid of icky burps is alka seltzer, which brings me to my recipe:

The 2 main ingredients in alka seltzer is citric acid and sodium bicarbonate,  which is easy enough to make,  but will taste pretty disgusting. I like the flavored alka seltzer so I improvised.

Fruity alka seltzer:
1 tbsp + 1 tsp baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
2 packets of your favorite flavor of koolaid (main ingredient in koolaid is citric acid)
1 tbsp sugar

Mix ingredients and store in a dry, air tight, container.

Mix 1/2 tsp- 1 tsp of mixture to 1 small cup of water and use as you would alka seltzer.

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