Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gf/vegan cinnamon raspberry pudding

It's really difficult to satisfy your craving for stuff like pudding when you're allergic to the ingredients!  Today I give you delicious raspberry chia pudding that's gluten free, vegan,  and completely guilt free!  Packed with omega 3 and vitamins,  this is one dessert that won't leave you feeling sluggish!


1 handful of fresh raspberries (a little more for garnish)
1/2 cup chia seeds
1 cup hemp milk (or other milk alternative)
3 tbsp agave or honey
1 tablespoon cinnamon
Vegan chocolate shavings for garnish

In a small bowl mash raspberries. Add honey/ agave, cinnamon, and hemp milk,  mix throughly.  Let sit in refrigerator for at least 2 hours. 
Garnish with extra raspberries and chocolate and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cinnamon Sugar Hubbard Fries

Lately I've been craving churros,  which is a problem for obvious reasons and would probably land me in the hospital.  My nutritionist suggested I try more winter squash to get my calories in so the other day I picked up a nice Hubbard squash at the store.  After some research I determined that the Hubbard tastes quite a lot like other winter squashes so I decided to make some cinnamon sugar baked fries!

1 Hubbard squash,  peeled,  slightly softened, and cleaned of seeds
1/2 cup cinnamon
1 cup sugar

Mix cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl,  cut squash into fries and dredge through cinnamon mixture.  Lay flat on oiled baking sheet.  Cook at 400° F for about 8-12 minutes. Salt to taste. Let cool at least 10 minutes before serving.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GF vegan cinnamon sugar cookies!

Tonight I was in the grocery store having a terribly depressing time trying to find any food I could possibly buy when I came across some Bobs Redmill GF all purpose flour,  the good thing about brm gf for is it doesn't contain any rice or corn,  the bad thing is they do not protect against cross contamination.  But I thought I'd try it anyway.

GF vegan cinnamon sugar cookies

Pre heat oven to 350°

1 cup gf all purpose flour (bobs red mill)
1/2 cup cinnamon sugar
2 tbsp vegan buttery spread (I used soy free earth balance)
About 3 tbsp organic root beer soda
Enough water to just form a soft dough

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Using a spoon, scoop out small cookie drops onto an oiled baking sheet or silpat.
Cook until bottom browns. (About 10 minutes) let cool for at least 15 minutes before touching and enjoy!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

GF bean burgers

Now beans are s tricky thing for me.  I am slightly allergic to all legumes I have tried,  however, only slightly do they're on my rotation. (meaning I can have them once or twice a month)  Well, I've already overdone myself on chicken this month,  and Turkey,  so I'm spending the last 2 weeks eating beans,  quinoa,  and squash.

GF Black Bean Burgers:

1 cup freshly mashed, cooked black beans
2 sweet chilis, pureed
1/4 cup flax meal
1/4 cup quinoa flour
1/4 cup chickpea flour
Seasonings to taste ( I used black pepper,  salt,  and liquid smoke. Would taste amazing with onions! )

Kneed ingredients together until it forms a very soft dough.  Make a palm sized ball and flatten out on an oiled hot pan. Fry both sides on medium heat until both sides are brown,  burger is stiff, and holds together on its own.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home made alka seltzer

One of the lovely symptoms of eating something my body can't digest is the disgusting,  painful,  acid filled "icky burps" I call them icky because well, it feels and tastes as though I have consumed about 2 dozen rotten eggs and all the acid in my stomach is trying to expel it through my throat.  (Lovely I know) now that I've explained to you in detail the pain I suffer, maybe you can understand a bit better why I avoid food I'm allergic to. You see is not just the hives,  eczema, heart palpations, possible anaphylaxis,  throat swelling,  vertigo,  diarrhea,  or indigestion,  it's also the little things that cause pain,  like the migraines,  the icky burps,  the constant nausea,  it's not pleasant so I try my hardest to avoid it.  My husband,  however,  loves to eat stuff I'm allergic to (which I don't blame him,  I'm practically allergic to everything) for example: the other night he ate a very delicious looking cheesy omelet with onions and spinach,  it smelled heavenly. About an hour after he ate it we had some "alone time" and things got a bit heated.  Neither of us thought of him brushing his teeth before kissing me,  but the night ended in a very itchy throat,  2 benedryls, a stomach ache that would not go away, and icky burps that have lasted for 2 days.  Now,  the only medication I can safely consume is my prescription strength Benedryl ( for obvious reasons) but one of the best things to get rid of icky burps is alka seltzer, which brings me to my recipe:

The 2 main ingredients in alka seltzer is citric acid and sodium bicarbonate,  which is easy enough to make,  but will taste pretty disgusting. I like the flavored alka seltzer so I improvised.

Fruity alka seltzer:
1 tbsp + 1 tsp baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
2 packets of your favorite flavor of koolaid (main ingredient in koolaid is citric acid)
1 tbsp sugar

Mix ingredients and store in a dry, air tight, container.

Mix 1/2 tsp- 1 tsp of mixture to 1 small cup of water and use as you would alka seltzer.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to fix broken glasses

Anyone who has owned glasses has known the struggle. Whether it's you, or your spouse, or your child, or even a friend, one way or another I bet you have experienced the "oh shit" moment of someone breaking your glasses. Now there are 2 major types of breaks in glasses, and both are kind of a big pain in the butt. As someone who has always struggled with the costly expense of having to obtain a new pair of spectacles, you better believe I've gotten crafty.
Now the first break (which I don't have a picture of because thankfully my current pair weren't broken that way) and most irritating, is the Harry Potter break: Straight down the center, all hope is lost, your $200 frames are totaled, but fret not! There is a solution! My mom showed me this trick multiple times growing up because she simply could not afford to get her 12 year old another pair of glasses. 
  1. Bring your broken specs with you, you'll need exact measurements and visual confirmation. 
  2. Go to your local handy dandy dollar store! 
  3. Find the discounted sunglasses or reading glasses rack
  4. find and purchase the pair that most resembles the shape and curve of your lenses (not the frames, but the lenses themselves)
  5. pop out both lenses
  6. gently file around the edge of your prescription lenses
  7. apply thin layer of super glue to edges
  8. pop lenses in new frames, voilĂ ! Good as new!*
*now these frames will not be as strong, but they'll work until you can afford a new pair!

Now for the other hopeless break: The broken hinge

Once a get, even though it seems like it, not all hope is lost! You will need a small screwdriver, $2, alcohol swabs* and a dollar store
  1. Bring broken frames into the $ store (along with your $2)
  2. carefully examine each pair of glasses
  3.  find the pair that have sides that most resemble your broken pair and purchase
  4. when you get home carefully unscrew both pairs of glasses (do not lose the screws!)
  5. clean edges with alcohol swab *
  6. align new hinges and carefully screw in
  7. VoilĂ ! Good as new glasses at the complete price of $2