Thursday, September 4, 2014

Onion, garlic, and tomato - free bbq sauce

As many of you know from my last post, I am severely allergic to a lot of really delicious things, onions, garlic, and tomatoes (the main ingredients to bbq sauce )being some of the many.   I started wondering if I would ever be able to taste that Smokey sweet glaze on my food again when I had a brilliant idea: molasses.  It has that tangy almost umami flavor to it as well as a nice sweetness,  prefect for allergy safe bbq sauce!  I'm not going to give exact measurements,  this is more of a"follow your tongue" recipe.
Gluten, onion,  garlic, and tomato free bbq sauce:
About 1 tbsp molasses
Cayenne pepper
And sugar to taste
About 1 tsp liquid smoke
Mix together, adding a little of each ingredient until desired taste is met.

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