Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rainbow rice

Now this is a fairly easy recipe, and if you have multiple pots, it shouldn't take that long. I used gel food coloring, but if you're freaked out about the occasional artificial dyes you can use natural food to dye your rice.
What you'll need:
6 pots (or 1 pot and a lot of patience)
1/4 cup of rice rinsed in each of the 5 pots
enough water to successfully cook each pot of rice
1-2 drops of each color according to each pot.
(if you are using one pot only, cook from lightest to darkest, washing in between each cook time to guarantee color)
rinse rice, add water, add color, stir, then cook.
 While the rice is cooking, steam cook the cauliflower until just cooked, you don't want it soggy!
When rice is done, let sit for ten minutes before plating, there will be less mess that way.
Arrange rice by preference (I did my son's in a half moon as pictured above, but I just mixed all of the rice together for my plate and it still looked good)
add the cauliflower to the dish and serve with your favorite sauce! (my son got soy sauce, I got gravy, this would be delicious with a nice mandarin sauce or sweet and sour though!)

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