Sunday, April 7, 2013

seriously best jerky ever

Anyone who grew up with me knows,  I am a MAJOR jerky snob. I am also addicted to the stuff, it is truly one of the only things I miss now that I'm vegan.  When I was a meat eater my jerky had to be cowboy dry,  original peppered deliciousness.  My favorite brand was A.J's Montana Bananas beef jerky, it was perfect in all ways, except it's main ingredient made me sick to my stomach. Since I've turned vegan,  I have been on a quest,  a quest to find the best vegan jerky available.  Today,  my friends,  I have found it!  Vegan Dream is too good too be true,  it looks,  smells,  feels,  and tastes like the real thing!  I was considering buying the vegan primal strips, but it felt to soft and moist in the package,  plus I had tried some of the carnivore primal jerky a year ago and it just wasn't right. My next step,  I want to try and replicate the deliciousness that way I don't have to spend so much $ on a tiny little package. 

*I was not contacted by the company to review any of these products,  I simply wanted to share my discovery in case any other jerky lovers have turned vegan/ vegetarian and missed that smokey, tough, salty, peppery, mouthwatering stuff.

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