Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frothy banana chocolate milkshake

Made a "milkshake" for dinner because I was being lazy and we were snacking all day on avocado, tomatoes, and asparagus with fries..... Anyways, didn't use any sugar, just soy milk, about 4 tbsp raw cocoa powder, 3tbsp flax seed powder, 3 tsp wheat germ, 2 bananas, a handful of raisins, and 1lb (that's right 1 whole pound) of frozen spinach in the blender until smooth. It was soooooooooo good! Tasted like a frothy chocolate banana shake, couldn't even tell it had spinach in it even though it was packed full of it! The banana gave it a nice almost tangy taste to contrast the delicious chocolaty taste. I highly recommend trying it, it'd be great for anyone on the go! Sorry no picture, it was too good not to slurp down! 

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