Tuesday, March 12, 2013

cheezy vegan popcorn and Doctor Who

So I just made a large batch of popcorn and my three year old,  munching away,  says "oh,  mom... does that have seeds in it? "  so I explain to him,  "the popcorn came out of those little seeds. It's kind of little until the inside comes out, and then it's big and fluffy. " he sits there for a moment,  then he says "like Doctor who!  Like the Tardis!" yes, we have discovered that popcorn is timelord science.  Anyways,  here's the easy,  super delicious and nutritious,  cheezy vegan popcorn: 
freshly popped plain popcorn straight from the pan.
onion powder
nutritional yeast
vitamin C powder
generously season to taste and enjoy!  Careful,  the vit. C has a kick,  a little can go a long ways!

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