Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seven Veggie Vegan Loaf

Sorry I don't have many pictures, I kind of threw it together last minute:

2 medium carrots, peeled and shredded
1/2 a yellow onion, minced
a large handful of mini portebellas, minced
1/4 of a cauliflower, finely chopped
3 leaves of cabbage, finely chopped
1 tomato, finely chopped
1-2 leaves of Kale (depending on size)
1+ 1/2 cups of cooked rice

flavor enhancers:
Worcheshire sauce (about 2 dashes)
Soy sauce or liquid aminos (about 4-5 dashes)
pepper (to taste)
salt (to taste)
1 dash of paprika
1tbsp of better than bouillon (vegan) + 1 cup of warm water mixed

combine all veggies in a large pan, with seasonings and sauces. Saute on med-low heat for about 15-20 minutes, or until all veggies are soft and tinged light brown.  Simmer on med heat until sauce is nearly completely reduced.  Remove from heat, stick in blender or food processor, mix until just combined into a thick chunky paste.  in a large bowl mix cooked rice with veggie paste, stick in a loaf pan or muffin tin and bake on 375° for 25-35 minutes or until outside of loaf is golden brown and crispy.

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