Thursday, September 20, 2012

Revive the blog

So I haven't been vlogging or blogging for months so I'll try to wrap up this story as fast as possible, two and a half years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful child I had ever laid eyes upon, golden hair, sky blue eyes, and a smile that could melt even the hardest of hearts. For the first two years of his life we lived with my husband's grandmother, taking care of her and her house. The oppression was overbearing, but we prevailed, sort of.... every time Keeley, my son, would go in for his check up, he was anemic, and not just a little, I'm talking hemoglobin levels of 6 and 7 even with him on iron supplements.  The doctors at the local clinic were horrible to us, assuming that because I was thin, I had been starving my child. Little did they even care to know that I was doing everything I could possibly think of to keep him healthy, I prevented any allergen exposure too soon, I made his own babyfood, I only bought organic, I breastfed for TWO YEARS,  I didn't eat anything questionable, NEVER smoked or drank, didn't even take medicine for headaches for fear that the chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients would pass through my milk. Once he was old enough to eat food, I would wake up early every morning and make him a feast, eggs and bacon, sausage, pancakes, english muffins, oatmeal and applesauce, bagels and cream cheese, I just couldn't bring myself to being one of those mothers who would feed their children cold, heartless cereal, day after day, no love or work put into it. (totally understandable for the working parent but for a stay at home mother? Hell no) At 10 months old, Keeley started gasping, the kind of gasps I do when I'm having an asthma attack. We fought with doctors for months trying to convince them that we knew something wasn't right, but because his gasps only happened in the mornings and at night they wrote it off as dust allergies and told us to get a bed cover ($200 down the drain). As he got older he was a happy little boy, a well fed little boy, but he just got more and more sick, once he hit 13 months he had stopped gaining weight completely, and was still constantly anemic, so anemic that when we held him, he would bruise. I started feeling like the worst mother ever, how was it that no matter how incredibly hard I tried, nothing would make him feel better? It just didn't make since. Then the rashes started, horrible deep red welts developed all over his body, usually starting on his face or tummy and spreading everywhere. Looking closely at the welts you could tell they were hives, very fine, shiny little raised bumps all over that made him scream if you touched them too hard. Over and over again we'd take him to the doctor, and every time we were summed up to be " paranoid" parents. Around 18 months, I begged them for an allergy test, thinking maybe he was possibly allergic to nuts or fruit. It took them 7 months to give us what we wanted. In late April, about 2 weeks after his second birthday, we finally got his allergy test done, 2 viles of blood is a whole lot for a 23lb two year old! It took another week for us to get the results and when we did, I broke down. The results showed that Keeley suffers from Type 1 Hypersensitivity, His allergy wasn't to nuts, dust, or even pollen, he is severely allergic to an antibody within himself which is the one in charge of fighting off his other allergies which include milk from all living creatures and eggs from all living creatures. Which means, the entirety of his life I had been poisoning him by trying to be a good mother, eggs, cheese, milk, butter, my own breast milk, it had been making him sick, from the moment he arrived. And it gets worse, I started researching, checking labels, almost everything has either milk or egg products, whole wheat bread, his favorite snack crackers, most soup bases, even lunch meat! As soon as we found out we told my husband's grandmother, who often enjoyed feeding him, instead of complying with our wishes to not feed our child something that could harm him, it seemed like she had decided he needed a little poison in his diet! I'd catch her trying to give him full glasses of milk, spoonfuls of butter, handfuls of cheese.....needless to say, we got out of that situation rather fast! We now reside on the coast, (we did move back home but the threat of being consumed by fire is not a very comforting thought.) feeding only vegan labeled foods to our son and making a lot more home made things, we do still eat meat (really only beef, turkey and chicken) occasionally but a lot of our day to day life is based on vegan snacks. Keeley is now two and a half and weighs a whopping 29lbs! His favorite food is tofu, and his favorite snacks are kale chips and nutritional yeast smothered popcorn, we only buy him hemp milk or soy (but we really try not to overload on soy so unless the store is out of hemp milk we stick with that) anyways, so now that you know a bit of what happened, Since we had to move so much, I can not afford to instagram my pictures anymore, right now my husband (who btw had to have emergency surgery immediately after we we kicked out of our house due to his appendix exploding) and I are sharing one single, very dumb phone which has an internet browser from the 90s I swear. So here I sit, reviving my blog in hopes that at least someone will find it even remotely intriguing.  More posts to come!


  1. I'm so glad you finally got results! I'm sorry it took so long and that you and your family have been having tough times! I think alot of us can relate in some way or another. My son suffers from a mysterious allergy and is forced to take medications for it everyday. Anyway, here for you! Keep blogging <3

    1. Have you ordered him a blood panel? I would highly recommend it for anyone who has health issues. Love ya Jen, thanks for everything hun.


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