Sunday, September 23, 2012

My take on domino taters

The other night I got into late-night snack mode and decided to look up yummy potato recipes. What I came across looked absolutely delightful! Crispy, buttery, "domino" potatoes. Of course I had to replicate, not only did they sound extremely easy, but they looked amazing. 
Original picture:

Yeah, made your mouth water too huh? My vegan take on it: replace butter with olive oil, add a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, salt, and freshly slivered garlic. So they just went from being delicious looking and not so healthy to delicious looking and way more healthier. Sounds good right? I cut the potatoes with the big slicer thing on the side of a cheese grater, which worked great up until I sliced the knuckle off my thumb. (I was almost done too!) 
So because I wasn't using massive potatoes, I didn't really feel like making them square; plus I feel like it would've been a waste of good potato! The result was a slight disheveled look to my stack

I also cooked them slightly longer, I don't know, after 40 minutes, they didn't even look crispy (could've been from the conversion from butter to olive oil) so I kept them in for an hour exactly and they turned out looking pretty darn good! 
One thing I would've changed: pepper, they definitely could've benefit from a large dash of black pepper. End result:

All in all, fairly good recipe, don't think I'll do it again though. I'll stick to home made baked fries and curried hash for potato side dishes.

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